Why Learn Touch Typing App?

Touch typing is one of the easiest ways to improve your typing speed and efficiency. We can define touch typing as a practice to type meaningful words without relying on your sense of the sight, remaining in your comfort zone. It is often said that when you start learning touch typing, you actually train your brain to memorize the locations of the keys in the type board. This also means that there is no need of glancing at the keyboard or distracting your mind in any of the ways. To learn touch typing, it is most important to start right from the home schooling days.

It is recommended for parents to start introducing the type learning game for kids in their initial growth years. It’s also never too late till their high school graduation. The type learning app that has been offered in the keyboarding apps is designed to train your mind such that, it automatically presses the correct key the moment you start the type work.

Some of the benefits of touch typing : –

A great time-saver: –

Improve Typing Speed

Touch typing fastens up your work and productivity by increasing your typing speed. With touch typing, you can even triple up the speed and can complete a page within 3 minutes.

Increase the responsiveness: –

Typing Responsiveness

The IM conversation helps you to type as fast as you talk, increasing the responsiveness.

More accuracy: –

Typing Accuracy Games

Touch typing helps us to be more accurate or even if an occasional error happens, you can easily fix it.

Get a focused approach: –


Touch typing helps us to type the words even without relying on the sight of keyboard, making us more focused to concentrate on typing only.

Foriero is an official developing firm that creates the typing programs to learn and improve typing skills for children and beginners in fun and innovative approach.



32 Interactive lessons
7 Languages
Tutor with voice over
Get beautiful diploma


Fun practice of your skills
Three modes of playing
Speed control
Colored keyboard


Rewriting test
Measures chars per minute
Adjustable font size
Pass final test to get diploma

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