Get Online Typing Programs for Kids & Children’s

Learn and improve your typing skills with touch typing app. There are many learning games for kids available online. It is extremely important for kids to start learning touch typing right from the initial childhood years, as this is the right period to learn after all the mind at the childhood will be capable enough to remember the position of keys and is easily trainable for touch typing. Keeping the above fact in mind, Typing Fingers offers typing tutorials that includes typing game as a part of their learning process.

Talking about Typing Fingers, it is a subdivision of Foriero, that develops various development programs for children’s growth. It offers keyboard typing games for children and beginners that make them learn and develop their touch-typing skills. Typing Fingers is a beautifully designed app with peaceful music with an interactive tutor, called Dennis. Each level offers 2 modes comprising of teaching and game mode. Moreover, it comes with colored fingers and keys with music that keeps children engaged in the learning process without even letting them know. Also, a Foriero Diploma will be given to every student after they complete their 32 levels successfully.

Typing Fingers is a multiplatform type learning app which is available for iPad, Mac OSX and Windows and Android. We offer free typing program every week for every app store. For more information, you can visit our website.

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