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Typing Fingers is an official branch of Foriero Group that develops typing games for kids. It is a type-learning app that helps children and beginners develop and improve their keyboarding skills. For instance, Typing is one of the skills which requires lot of practice and a proficient technique to become an expert. Think of any gadget or  app and you will discover that touch type is a must to operate. Thus, it is even more important to learn promptly. Typing accurately is not the only thing that is to be needed, but you need at least 60 wpm speed so that a page should be completed in 3 minutes, as this is the criteria that most of the type focused firms follow for candidate intake.

Typing Fingers offers keyboarding games for (3) years old children and above.  Since we understand the kids needs and know how to keep the little ones engaged in the learning process without them realizing it. We offer homeschool typing curriculum that teaches keyboarding without loading them with the unwanted stress of heavy tutorials. Instead, they immediately fall in love with this wonderful app.

Our mission: –

Our mission is to encourage children and beginners to learn and improve  keyboarding skills without  brain burdening with heavy  difficult tutorials.

Our vision: –

Our vision is crystal clear: to educate next generation about type-learning and developing typing skills. Thus, as an educational service provider, we make sure we provide everything that a student needs. This includes level-wise stress-free lessons, compulsory tests at the end of every level, and a beautiful Foriero Diploma typing certification after successfully completing all the levels.

Typing Fingers serves every mobile platform that includes App store, mac app store, google play & windows store. Download this wonderful app once and we are sure we won’t let you down in any aspect. Go for our free version before trying the pro version and enjoy our touch type teaching services.

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