How to Use Typing Games in IPad?

Let your children learn touch typing games with all fun and no pressure approach. Typing Fingers is one such type learning app that makes your children and beginners to learn typing with a complete modernized measure. Its beautiful design with mesmerizing music and an interactive tutor Dennis keeps them engaged within the learning process without even letting them know about it.

There are many typing apps available for iPad. There are special typing programs for kids which makes them learn type fast on iPad to improve their keyboarding skills. Typing Fingers is a game based type learning app for iPad designed to improve the accuracy and increase the productivity. With its two different game modes, children can easily co-relate with it and start learning. The iPad version of Typing Fingers was lastly updated on 27th August 2016 and keeps itself updated regularly on regular intervals. The latest version is 4.3 with the size of 288 MB.

Compatibility : – It requires iOS 9.1 or later version for compatibility

Given below are the three modes of Typing Fingers app: –

  • Learn : – In this mode, Dennis, the tutor will help you to learn various techniques of fast typing. From the position of fingers to increasing your typing speed, every aspect has been focused.
  • Play : – A type learning game, in which user has to type all the falling letters, with the gradual increase of speed. This game helps to increase the speed with accuracy.
  • Test : – After completion of every level, a compulsory test has to been taken which has to be passed by the user in order to attend the next level.

After completion of all the tests successfully, a Foriero Diploma is given to every user which is certainly going to be useful in future.

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