Ultimate Typing Review

Great App!

Opening this application was a wonderful experience, the introduction alone shows you how this application is going to be very interactive and user friendly. After using this application for a while I realized how easy and fun this application was. Learning how to type with this application is a great experience, and the competitive aspect of playing against yourself and always wanting to do better only helps you become a better typist. The program has a great, fun, animated character that leads you through understanding how to type. There is music in the background that is great to have playing as you learn how to type. I have used other typing programs to facilitate in helping the speed of my typing, but this program truly surpasses others that I have experienced. Overall, this program is great for people learning how to type correctly especially since the color coded fingers match the virtual keyboard onscreen which really helps you remember where to correctly position your fingers and which fingers go where on each key. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to speed up their typing, someone just wanting to learn to type correctly, or a person completely new to computers.

by LonzoM Aug 8, 2012

Typing Lessons Made Fun

An interactive way of learning how to type or brush up on your typing skills. A relaxing atmosphere is created to help aid in learning how to properly sit and type. You are talked through all stages of activities. There are 32 levels which you are guided through with Dennis your interactive tutor. Each lesson has 2 parts. First lesson is learning hand positioning on the key board and the second part is using your memory on key location and learning the motions with speed.The graphics are beautiful and the key board is color coded. In my opinion I would like for the tutors voice to be a bit more clear, the accent will throw younger children wanting to learn to type off. There should also be a level for experienced typist. I do recommend this app for beginners or for someone needs to brush up on speed and keys again.

by Uniquely Dina Jan 16, 2014

This is really good

I was pleasantly surprised at how good this app is. Probably one of the best apps in the entire app store- that teaches you how to type. I highly recommend it.

by polygrafix Jan 15, 2014

Great for teaching kids typing skills

I think this is a great program for teaching school aged children typing. The color coding and game play make it a fun way to teach a necessary skill. It covers the standard method of using the keyboard with correct posture, both hands and all 10 digits & it’s priced very well for what you are getting.

by tlitke Jan 19, 2014

Works Great, key stroke problem fixed

We really have loved Typing Fingers, but recently there’s been a lot of problems with the program not recognizing the correct key stroke. For example, I’ll push the letter ‘k’ when you’re supposed to push that letter and it gives you a beep that it’s the wrong letter. The problem is intermittent. Customer service explained how you have to go through the tutorial online to make sure a bunch of setting are correct on your company. There’s a youtube video that take you through it. It has worked fine after that.

by Mulberry28 Jun 3, 2014

Great App

I have been using computers for twenty five years and never learned to type properly, this program has been teaching me to type properly with great ease. Finally I can claim to be a true computer user. Thank you Typing Fingers.

by Jspencer1985 Mar 24, 2014
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