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Typing Fingers is a wonderful touch typing game that makes children and beginners learn and improve their typing skills in a fun way. Now learn typing and play keyboarding games for free!! We offer free promo codes every week. We have promo code for App Store (Apple) and other platforms.Follow the given steps to get fresh codes every week.

  1. Select your app store like mac app, Google play or windows store.
  2. Enter your email address and click the subscribe button.
  3. We will send you one time use promo code to your mail address.
  4. Use this code to download the Typing Fingers app for free.



You can ask the promo code for Google Play or Windows Store only from our website. Learn the keyboarding skills with this amazing type learning app and be proficient in it. You can also get free Mac App Store promo code from our website to get the Typing Fingers app free to learn the touch typing. These app tutorials are available in seven different languages. After completion of all the 32 levels successfully, it also provides you the Foriero Diploma.

For more information, you can log onto our website.

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