Typing Fingers – School Edition

Typing Fingers School Edition brings an innovative learning method in touch typing education. The app is designed so that students can learn and simultaneously teachers can teach. This introduces the teacher-student relationship that is necessary for school environments.


A teacher can define his/her own classes with lessons. Equally , students can take lessons so teachers can monitor their results.


As a teacher you can create classes and within customize your lessons. Lessons features include: lesson name, lesson text, and allowed number of attempts. You can also check the results of all the students that have taken any given lesson.


As a student you can list your own defined classes or take any teacher’s classes. After taking the lesson the result will be stored and available for teachers to review in the results section.


  • Chars per minute
  • Words per minute
  • Mistakes
  • Number of Attempts

WHY? We believe that after taking lesson from your teacher you will be able to:

  • WRITE documents faster
  • PASS exams
  • SAVE time
  • MEET deadlines
  • IMPROVE concentration and
  • INCREASE work efficiency
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