The Ultimate Revelation of Education App Store Certified – Typing Fingers

This program has been usefully developed on the Unity game engine to ensure a broad reach of deployment across a number of platforms, an essential requirement for a busy teacher working with a variety of devices and operating systems.

Downloading the program is simple and you are immediately drawn into the programme environment, which is both calming; with the pensive piano background music and exciting; with the breezy cloudy background and a bright colourful collage of some of the screens that can be chosen. The cartoon student reminiscent of a Mario steam punk character in between two bright red shooting rockets gives the user a curious whiff of excitement where you are ready to embark on a new adventure. The start screen provides the user with the opportunity to enter their name or nick name which is saved on the defaults when they come back to another level, the icon also displays the current level beside the name.

Clicking on a squidgy animated button displays the start screen. A good starting point is to bring ‘Dennis’ up who can help you determine if you are sitting at the keyboard correctly and instruct you on the correct postures and heights. The screen layout is excellent with a selection of six different themes, my favourite was the Chinese scene, each of these have their own unique set of animations that add to the sense of fun and amusement of the game. The keyboard icon at the bottom of the screen is well laid out and colour coordinated for each finger.

The help icon usefully links to the ‘’ web site which is simply but professionally laid out with a comprehensive section on how to use the app and further descriptions on the importance of typing and the structure of the game. The look and feel of the website give you the reassurance that help is not far away with an indication of whether the developers are on line. A further link out to the now customary Facebook page reveals a thriving community users and the developers are keeping information current and interesting.

The game is spread over thirty-two levels that will help you with identifying all the letters, numbers and symbols. Dennis is there to help you through the initial stages of the level guiding you through the memorization process and the using the correct fingers. The level then switches to the game mode where the user has to shoot the correct letter, numbers and symbols using the corresponding key on the keyboard. The final stage for each level is to repeat the first stage but the computer will time you and score according to the time taken to complete and the accuracy. The game mechanics is very simple but at the heart of the learning process.

Overall the app is very good, I would certainly use it to teach my grandchildren the correct keyboarding skills, which, as I have stated before, are essential in this digital age and can give you the edge in the speed and clarity of communication. I would like keyboarding skills to be included in the curriculum and this application should be the one that is used to demonstrate how much fun it can be. I look forward to further games from this educational developer.

Subject: Student Tools


  • Reception/Preschool Apps (3-5 Years)
  • Primary School Apps (5-7 Years)
  • Primary School Apps (7-11 Years)
  • Secondary School Apps (11-14 Years)
  • Secondary School Apps (14-18 Years)
  • College/University (18+ Years of Age)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Communication Skills
  • Engagement and Usability
  • Organisational and Productivity Skills

Do Professionals Really Need a Type Learning App?

Is touch typing only for kids? Can this kind of apps be useful for elders or professionals? The answer is YES; we elders also need these apps. As we all know, typing is one of the extensive skills a professional should have for a steeper career growth. The upcoming time will be of digitalization and if you have to survive this age, then keyboarding is a must.

Need to learn typewriting: –

If you are a professional using one or two fingers of each hand for typing, then your average speed would be 40-60 WPM and by using the touch typing app, it can be increased upto 60-100 WPM.  You may have noticed that most of the things we do on computer involves typewriting. Thus, the quicker you can do it, the more productivity you will able to generate.  This will let you: –

1. Complete the tasks and jobs more quickly.
2. Achieve lot more in limited time frame.
3. You can do more tasks per day.
4. As the tasks are completed quickly, you have more time to think over new ideas, or you can utilize your extra time for any other creative task.
5. You can also try out various alternatives.

If you think that jobs like web-designer or tester are totally mouse-oriented tasks, then watch out carefully, how much a designer or tester uses it in one hour. You will find that they use keyboards as equal as they use the other visual tools.

What is Touch typing: – 

If you are using a reliable touch typing app, then touch typing is nothing like magic, rather a practice that increases the speed and accuracy of the typewriting skills.

It works as follows: –

Instead of watching on keyboard, user will rather concentrate on the screen and the typing is done without looking. User will place both the index fingers touching the little lumps on the F and J keys. Thus, user will learn the position of each keyboard and through practice user’s mind will remember which finger moves where to hit the key. After some time, this process is so automatic that in some cases you just have to think, and the word will be typed before you look at the keyboard. Thus, it is quite enjoyable as it is less tiring and you don’t have to keep shifting your eyes from keyboard to screen.

One more advantage is, as you are concentrating continuously on the screen, you can easily spot the mistakes ever made and correct them spontaneously. These skills are also achieved by playing touch typing games.

The art of learning: –

To become a proficient typewriter, you have to stop the way you have done till now and learn few new techniques; which might make you slow for the initial months but promises efficiency afterwards.

How to learn it? 

1. It is strongly recommended to get some software to help you learn typing.
2. Observe carefully and notice the best finger to use for the key.
3. If you find the software, then have fun with touch typing games and tests.
4. Implementing the techniques will help quite boring you to build the bite-size steps, from the first few “home” keys to the full keyboard in a manageable way.

Learn Touch Typing with Typing Fingers

With touch typing, it is always wiser to start in early childhood. It is no different than learning a new language. Studies show that it is twice easier to learn typing when you are below the age of 18. It is also proven that children learn languages or such skills much easily when compared to adults. Thus, teaching typing right from the young age is the most important skill you can help them to develop so as to achieve success at their work place.

With the wide use of computers in offices as well as homes or any other places, keyboarding is essential to learn. There are many type learning games available that teach touch typing to children. Apps are different but concept is the same. Typing fingers is one of them. It uses a complete new approach to the efficient touch typing system. It makes the learning process fun with interactive patterns and game modes. Also it has a peaceful and soothing music that creates amazing atmosphere which engages children to learn typing or play the typing game.

It has an attractive design that consists of colored fingers and keyboard that helps to find out the right position of the user’s fingers. Secondly it comes with an attractive voice over of Dennis, the Tutor. Dennis can switch over the language and theme according to the theme you prefer.

Typing Fingers come with 32 tutor levels that help you learn dictation with all letters, numbers and common symbol. Each level consists of three modes. One is for learning purpose, which includes our tutor Dennis. He will help you to memorize letters and symbols and assist in practicing them with the correct motion of fingers. In the game mode, user has to shoot the alphabets that are falling on the ground and in case they are missed, user will be out of the game. And in the third mode you can test you acquired skills. This app is designed to be used with physical keyboard but users on tablets with wireless or usb keyboard find this app adorable and playable.

Typing Fingers comes with a language switch over facility of about 7 different languages namely English, German, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Czech. All the tutorials and voice are completely localized according to the preference. Whenever the language is changed, appearance of Dennis and the layout of keyboard also get changed.

A font changing and speed control facility of falling characters is also added to help special kids to learn and improve their typing skills. When you are done with all your tutorials then it’s time for the examination. Our Typing Fingers app takes your “rewriting an article test”, with the measurement speed of characters per minute. After passing the final test only a diploma certificate is given. Typing Fingers provides the beautiful Foriero Diploma to every student after their successful completion of the final test and completion of all levels so that it might help them in future.

Typing Fingers, a touch typing tutor app for kids, is developed as a multiplatform game and is available in all leading online app stores including Google Play, App Store, Mac App Store and Windows Store.

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