Learn Touch Typing with Typing Fingers

With touch typing, it is always wiser to start in early childhood. It is no different than learning a new language. Studies show that it is twice easier to learn typing when you are below the age of 18. It is also proven that children learn languages or such skills much easily when compared to adults. Thus, teaching typing right from the young age is the most important skill you can help them to develop so as to achieve success at their work place.

With the wide use of computers in offices as well as homes or any other places, keyboarding is essential to learn. There are many type learning games available that teach touch typing to children. Apps are different but concept is the same. Typing fingers is one of them. It uses a complete new approach to the efficient touch typing system. It makes the learning process fun with interactive patterns and game modes. Also it has a peaceful and soothing music that creates amazing atmosphere which engages children to learn typing or play the typing game.

It has an attractive design that consists of colored fingers and keyboard that helps to find out the right position of the user’s fingers. Secondly it comes with an attractive voice over of Dennis, the Tutor. Dennis can switch over the language and theme according to the theme you prefer.

Typing Fingers come with 32 tutor levels that help you learn dictation with all letters, numbers and common symbol. Each level consists of three modes. One is for learning purpose, which includes our tutor Dennis. He will help you to memorize letters and symbols and assist in practicing them with the correct motion of fingers. In the game mode, user has to shoot the alphabets that are falling on the ground and in case they are missed, user will be out of the game. And in the third mode you can test you acquired skills. This app is designed to be used with physical keyboard but users on tablets with wireless or usb keyboard find this app adorable and playable.

Typing Fingers comes with a language switch over facility of about 7 different languages namely English, German, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Czech. All the tutorials and voice are completely localized according to the preference. Whenever the language is changed, appearance of Dennis and the layout of keyboard also get changed.

A font changing and speed control facility of falling characters is also added to help special kids to learn and improve their typing skills. When you are done with all your tutorials then it’s time for the examination. Our Typing Fingers app takes your “rewriting an article test”, with the measurement speed of characters per minute. After passing the final test only a diploma certificate is given. Typing Fingers provides the beautiful Foriero Diploma to every student after their successful completion of the final test and completion of all levels so that it might help them in future.

Typing Fingers, a touch typing tutor app for kids, is developed as a multiplatform game and is available in all leading online app stores including Google Play, App Store, Mac App Store and Windows Store.

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