Typing Tutor Download Free for Windows Xp!

We know how important typing is nowadays. It is very crucial for kids to learn the keyboarding right from childhood. Thus, there are plenty of apps available for Windows users too that are specially designed and developed for kids to make them learn how to touch type. The apps are specialized to train the mindset of kids so as to touch and type fast as well as accurate.

Typing Fingers is one such specialized app that trains the mindset of kids and beginners in such a way that they keep on learning without even realizing it. They don’t have to go through those heavy tutorials and lessons. Typing Fingers offers keyboarding games for kids with an interactive tutor to make them learn it.

Are you a Russian or are you finding it difficult to understand English? No problem. Typing Fingers is now available in 7 different languages. Now get the typing tutor for windows in your own language!!

Let’s get a brief introduction of this amazing app: –


Features: – 32 interactive lessons


OS: – Windows 10 ver. 10240.0 or higher one.


Architecture: – X86 X64 ARM required


Size: – 299.1 MB

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